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Coming to your first class?

Coming to class tonight for your first time? Here are a few things I would like to tell you.

1. We don't care how fit or unfit you are. We care about how much effort, heart and soul you put into our session.

2. You aren't the only person with an injury. If you can't do the set exercise, it's no worries. Bare with us and we will find you a new one while we get the majority of the group started.

3. You can stop to take a break whenever you need.

4. If you have kids come with you, please keep them quiet enough that everyone can hear the instructor and keep them out of the exercise area.

5. I expect our members with exceptional skills to feel free to showcase those skills. Words like show off etc aren't welcome.

6. Finally, just relax and enjoy it.

- Brad. W

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