Starting Measurements


Chest 132cm

Belly Button 136cm

Biceps 39cm

Thigh 69cm






Ash's Progress


Chest 124.5m

Belly Button 127cm

Biceps 35cm

Thigh 63cm


Chest 122cm LOSS OF 10CM
Belly Button 122.5cm LOSS OF 13.5CM
Biceps 36.5cm LOSS OF 2.5CM
Thigh 55.5 LOSS OF 13.5CM


Chest 121cm
Belly Button 121
Biceps 36cm
Thigh 56cm

Waist 124cm



Chest 120cm
Belly Button 120cm
Biceps 37cm
Thigh 57

Waist 120cm

Chest 122cm
Belly Button 120cm
Biceps 37cm
Thigh 55
Waist 127cm

Weight 111kg

Chest 122cm
Belly Button 123cm
Biceps 37cm
Thigh 62
Waist 123cm
Weight 111kg


Chest 119cm LOSS OF 13CM SO FAR
Belly Button 121cm LOSS OF 15CM SO FAR
Biceps 37cm LOSS OF 2CM SO FAR
Thigh 58cm LOSS OF 11CM SO FAR
Waist 116cm LOSS OF 23CM SO FAR
Weight 113kg LOSS OF 18.6KG

Chest 127cm
Belly Button 128cm
Biceps 39cm
Thigh 57cm
Waist 130cm
Weight 123.2kg


Chest 127cm
Belly Button 130cm
Biceps 39cm
Thigh 54cm
Waist 125cm
Weight 122kg



Fitness Testing Results


1km Run 4.04m

2 Minute Push Up Test 100 on knees

2 Minute Sit Up Test 66 crunches

Beep Test 6.1
2 Minute Push Up Test 141on knees​
2 Minute Sit Up Test 172 crunches





Ash's email he sent Carpe Diem Personal Training

My name is Ashley Pope and I weigh 128kg

As you know Jacqui is trying her very hardest to loose weight as we desperately want a baby, I feel it's now time for me to loose weight and become healthy in support of our journey.  I have been over weight since my early teens and want to find the healthy person inside me. Please help me to set him free.

I have tried for many years but lack the motivation and guidance I need to succeed, I am prepared to give everything I have.

I know with the support you are offering I can do this


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