Starting Measurements

Chest 115cm
Belly Button 109cm
Biceps 41cm
Thigh 70cm
Waist 95.5cm
Weight 104.5kg


Lisa's Progress


Chest 114cm
Belly Button 113cm
Biceps 42cm
Thigh 72.5cm
Waist 94m
Weight 99.5kg


Chest 107cm
Belly Button 104.5cm
Biceps 41cm
Thigh 69cm
Waist 91cm
Weight 95.4kg


Chest 107cm
Belly Button 104.5cm
Biceps 39.5cm
Thigh 68cm
Waist 91cm
Weight 94.3kg


Chest 109cm
Belly Button 104cm
Biceps 38cm
Thigh 69cm
Waist 89cm
Weight 91.9kg (12.6KG LOST SO FAR!)



Project Lisa Update October 2015

When changes happen slowly its hard to see - often I have people say to me ‘how great I am looking’ and ‘how I have lost so much weight’, but I guess because I see myself in the mirror every day and my progress has been steady - I don't often see it.  Its not until I see a photo from way back when I first started or compare my measurements from start to now, that I think ‘huh, maybe I am doing ok’.  I think sometimes I am extra hard on myself - often you see before and afters of people but you don't see the ‘in between’ - you don’t see the blood, sweat and tears that made that happen - you see an instant picture of a before and after and even if its dated you don’t really comprehend the time and effort involved - so you sort of expect to get results and get results now!  I have decided not to be hard on myself and to try to stop saying my progress is slow or that I am failing - because I am not failing - how can I be failing if my weight is steadily going down and my confidence is steadily going up?  Thats not failure - that is success!


I am so incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity to be Project Lisa - it has changed my life.  I have never been more consistent and determined since starting this adventure!
I am now the type of person who actually enjoys being active, I love going for bike rides and walks with the kids, I love going to PT and bootcamps to challenge myself, I love doing Park Runs and fun runs, Ive never been this person and it feels great!
When I first started I couldn't even run 1km - now I can run 5km and my PB is 35.28 mins - I have set myself a goal to get under 35 mins - which is something I am still working towards, running is definitely not something that comes naturally to me - but I keep chipping away at my times and I will get there :)

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