Starting Measurments

Chest 117cm
Waist 105cm
Biceps 41cm
Thigh 55cm

Belly Button 108cm
Weight 98.9kg

Chest 120cm
Waist 101cm
Biceps 41cm

Thigh 58cm
Belly Button 105cm

Chest 120cm
Waist 103cm
Biceps 41cm

Thigh 55.5cm 
Belly Button 109cm
Weight 95.8kg


Chest 118.5cm
Waist 99.5cm
Biceps 39.5cm4/6/2014

Thigh 53cm 
Belly Button 105cm
Weight 94.8kg


Chest 114.5cm
Waist 99cm
Biceps 39cm

Thigh 57cm 
Belly Button 103cm
Weight 92.5kg


Chest 115cm LOSS OF 2CM
Waist 97cm LOSS OF 8CM
Biceps 39cm LOSS OF 3CM

Thigh 55.5cm 

Belly Button 102cm LOSS OF 6CM
Weight 93.5kg LOSS OF 5.4KG


Chest 115cm
Waist 99cm
Biceps 40cm

Thigh 57cm 
Belly Button 102cm
Weight 92.8kg

Chest 113.5cm
Waist 96cm
Biceps 38cm

Thigh 58cm 
Belly Button 103cm
Weight 89.6kg


Chest 115cm
Waist 93cm
Biceps 37.5cm

Thigh 55.5cm 
Belly Button 99cm
Weight 87.5kg


Chest 112cm LOSS OF 5CM
Waist 94cm LOSS OF 11CM
Biceps 39cm

Thigh 55cm NO LOSS
Belly Button 101cm LOSS OF 7CM
Weight 88.4kg LOSS OF 10.5

Chest 109cm
Waist 96cm
Biceps 40cm

Thigh 56cm 
Belly Button 101cm
Weight 91.7kg


Chest 112cm
Waist 96cm
Biceps 41cm

Thigh 53cm 
Belly Button 101cm
Weight 92.3kg



Matt is a 29 year old bedding sales specialist. He stopped looking at the scales at about 128 kgs but still got bigger. He's tried fad Diets, spent copious amounts of cash on gym membership but gave up as he never saw the Results he wanted.


In August 2012 he was diagnosed with "Non alcoholic fatty liver disorder" by his GP and was told that if he didn't do something soon he wouldn't live for much longer. With this in mind he started a diet plan to help him loose the weight but was not exercising.


He was introduced to the Carpe Diem family through his friends and wife Tanya and has now completed 3 challenges and about to complete his fourth. He's finding that he actually enjoys working out. Matt and his wife have been desperate to have a baby and thanks to the miracle Of IVF they will realise their dream in May 2014.


Matts biggest fear is that he won't be there for his child having a disabled father himself he doesn't want to put his kids through what he has.


Carpe Diem has given Matt the chance to be the father he wants to be.

Matts Latest Diary Entry

Hi Everyone,


Every time I've sat down to try to write this up I've had a mental block.


Perhaps it's because I'm embarrassed or ashamed not sure, maybe a little of both.


Here it goes.


It's been a while since my last update went online (almost 12 months actually) and I feel I've gone backwards. Not because of anyone else or outside influences but through  the fault of myself. 


I had big plans and goals for this year. So far I haven't achieved one of them. To me this  is very distressing. I know that updates and photos from the projects are meant to  inspire. I don't feel very inspirational at the moment.


Things for me started to go down hill for me when my father, Bill, died in March. He had been suffering a debilitating genetic disorder and had been in the care of the Fahnora Nursing Home in Cairns for the past couple of years. In a lot of ways Dads passing seemed like a blessing, he is no longer sick or in pain, Mum, Liam and I can move forwards with our lives without the concern  of Dads care. But at the end of the day (one of Dads favourite sayings) I don't ever get to see his face  or hear his voice again. This is something that I am still even now coming to terms with.


Since this time I've allowed myself to fall into a hollow of my own self pity. The smiling happy face that I show the world only a mask of the true feelings I've been having. I got hooked on junk food again. Sugar, take away, soft drinks, anything I could get my hands on to try to make the pain go away. In doing this I of course started spending lots of money to fuel my habit. I would hide money, lie about how much was in my bank account, try to get back on top of it and fail.


This went on so much that it almost cost me my family. Not talking, not dealing with the real issues I was struggling with and are still struggling with. Thinking I was ok only made it worse. 


So yeah right now I feel a bit crap.


I'm working on digging myself out though. I'm attending regular counseling sessions trying to deal with my impulses and grief. I'm getting back on the wagon with my training. I've even set a new regime to help me get back to where I need to be.  My diet is slowly improving but not as fast as I need it to. I will be working on some meal plans this week. 


On the positive side of things. I have a new life/career goal. I'm studying my Fitness certificates and hopefully should be a qualified trainer by the end of 2016. It's something I've been thinking about for a while now and 

it's now time to make it happen. Also both Tanya and I are competing in the CDPT iron man challenge in a few weeks. We had a trial run yesterday and I was so proud of her. Not only completing it but also setting a great time for her first attempt. 


Well as I said earlier, not so inspirational but I guess, human. We all suffer heartache, loss, tragedy, set backs, pit falls etc. Its how we recover from them that tells us who we truly are. I know that 2015 was just a setback in what will be a pretty incredible lifetime. 


To my wife, I love you and I'm sorry for putting you through the wringer this year. I am trying to be a better man, someone both you and William deserve. 


To every one else, get off your computers or smart phones or tablets and get off your arse you've been reading this for too long.


Project Matt   


Matts Photo Shoot with Belinda from Naturally Bee-Utiful Photography

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