Starting Measurements

Chest 111cm
Belly Button 106cm
Biceps 42cm
Thigh 62cm
Waist 103cm
Weight 104kg


Mike's Progress

Project Mike

Hi my name is Michael Gray and I am 34 yrs old , I am a father of 3 beautiful children and a husband to an amazing wife . I try to live quite an active life but some of the choices I have made over the years have not been the healthiest of decisions.


My life had a big turning point when I was 16 and I had an accident at work where I crushed my big toe and a long story short it turned gang green from infection and was amputated. I had gone from a position were I could have possibly had a professional career in Triathlons to sitting on a chair in a shower at hospital thinking why me .


I didn't really ever properly deal with the disappointment of never being able to run like I used to be able to , I lost more than my toe that day , I lost my drive to be who I was .


By the time I left the hospital I was smoking cigarettes and not long after that I was smoking pot. I had given up on the healthy athletic life I had lived so long and completely backflipped to a very unhealthy way of life . It's not like I gave up on life completely but just my dreams of an athletic career were gone .


I have enjoyed life and found my beautiful wife Amy just before my 18th birthday and we have been together ever since , the years have past by and together we built the foundations for a memorable happy life . 3 children later and a successful working career , I have completed a trade as a Motor Trimmer and am now a Train driver for Queensland Rail .


But it hasn't been all smooth sailing , up until 3 years ago I was still smoking marijuana and it had got to a point where it almost cost me my family. With the help from my wife and brother I was able to stop and have not looked back. I had however still been smoking cigarettes and been wanting to quit but just couldn't go any longer than 3 or 4 day's.


I decided to start training with CDPT in June 2014 , the combination of quitting marijuana and becoming a train driver, constantly sitting down , I was now at the heaviest I had ever been , 110kg.


I managed to loose 16kg in six months with CDPT and think it finally put me in the right head space to be able to give quitting smoking another go. I have not had a smoke now since the 8th of January 2015 . It has been a hard year mentally and emotionally with loosing my mum to cancer , it all happened so fast and sometimes I just break down in tears thinking about her but I know how much she loved me and how proud of me she was .


It can be so hard to cope with all that life throws at you and juggling all of life's responsibilities , throw that all on top of everything else and working a inconsistent shift working roster , working up to 11 days on and one day off , it is so hard to get any consistency in my training and other parts of life .


With the help of Brad , Renee , Becky , Char and everyone else at CDPT I am looking forward to taking this opportunity and achieve what I have not been able to do on my own . I'm very excited just thinking about what could be possible .

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