We would like to introduce our past and present "Projects" Sally, Char, Becky, Ash, Lisa, Matt, Phil and Mike

Every few years someone special comes along that fights so hard to make full use of our services but struggles to make it happen due to difficult life situations. So what we do is offer them every single service we provide free of charge, provided they do every thing we ask of them.

This includes keeping food diary's, online journals and following all of our plans 100%.


Keep an eye on this space for what has been and will be an amazing transformation!



Sally works a busy retail career and is getting married in a few short weeks.

She has teamed up with our newest Personal Trainer Minnie to achieve her goal of fitting into her wedding dress comfortably.


Lisa is a 31yr old Mum, wife and student.


One of her biggest regrets is that she has spent most of her 20’s being unhealthy and overweight.


She is now ready to fight the weightloss battle with help from the Carpe Diem Personal Training team.


With the help of CDPT so far I was able to loose 16 kg and finally get my head in a space where it was possible for me to quit smoking successfully. I have now been smoke free for 10 months and I am not looking back , I have put 10kg back on since quitting smoking but I knew that was probably going to be the case .


Now that I have been chosen as Project Mike , I would really like to take it to the next level and not just loose weight but get into the best looking shape of my life , it's time to peak and prove to myself that I have what it takes to go above and beyond average.

I know this is not going to be easy other wise anyone and everyone would be doing it but I know with the support of my wife and everyone at CDPT it is achievable .

I already have some big goals to achieve and I look forward to sharing these with you all !!!

Michael Gray 😊


Matt is a 29 year old bedding sales specialist.


He stopped looking at the scales at about 128 kgs but still got bigger.


He's tried fad Diets, spent copious amounts of cash on gym membership but gave up as he never saw the results he wanted.



Becky is a busy 28 yr old mother of two.

Until having her first child at 18 Becky was reasonably fit and healthy. Since then Becky has battled depression, developed a food addiction and has done little to no exercise.

Constantly fighting with herself , trying and failing fad diets and wasting substantial money on gym memberships, Becky has come to us for help.

She is ready to finally be the person she is and not the person her weight and now low self esteem is determining her

We teamed up with Peta Hood from LifeStar Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.  Peta offered to give Becky the nutritional support she will need for her health and well-being journey.


Charlene is a mother of 4 and wife to Bruno.  She recently completed her Certificate 3 and 4in Fitness and is a former PT at Carpe Diem Personal Training. She is now in Bundaberg running her own fitness classes and PT sessions

Charlene's ultimate goal is to lose 15kg and reclaim her life for the sake of herself and her family.




Ashley is a 31 year old nurse who currently weighs 131.6kg. 

Ash and his wife are desperate to start a family together but need to be fit and healthy enough to do so.

Ash is going to be coming to 1 Personal Training session every week, Saturday 7am Boxing, Sunday 7.30am Boot Camp and as many weekday classes as he can (limited due to work hours) 

He is going to follow an eating plan given to him by LifeStar Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and has agreed to go to his local gym daily.

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