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A few words from our CDPT Fans

“Thanks for the great sesh, I quite enjoy the weights sessions :) would you believe I even came home and did more diamond push ups to show my bf what I did tonight lol my arms will be sore tomorrow.” Kirsty

Kirstys Transformation

"CDPT's approach is simple. Work up a sweat, get a great body and have a blast doing it. never a dull moment in CDPT's training sessions and with the trainers having fought and won their own weight battles they are passionate about helping others achieve their goals and are anever ending inspiration!"

Scotts Transformation

Believe in those around you:


I've always wanted more than I had. Not in possessions but in knowledge. I've always wanted to understand how the world and its people work. I've always wanted to get a better understanding of how to best operate in my surroundings and to just soothe that thirst for answers to the many why's that make up the world.


From this I've always been very self Motivated and driven but it's only really in the last few years that I've realized how much more you can get done just by knowing there's people around you that believe in you. If someone believes in you, all of a sudden your "maybe it's possible" becomes "I can and will do this!"


I've had so many encouraging words from people lately that it's really inspired me to evolve. To find a better me within me. With that will come new successes, new projects and more great people to surround myself with.


Encourage all those you can that are chasing dreams, how ever small or insignificant that dream is to you. It may be the final catalyst to change that person needed. You just may be the muse that inspires that small idea to become something incredible.


Bradley Williams - Owner and Head Trainer


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