Bradley Williams​
Owner and Head Trainer

I've had just over 10 years now to process how I got fat. Where it all went wrong. At the tender age of 23 though, that was me. I wasn't a happy fat person like Santa either. It didn't feel right. It's such a strange thing to feel like a skinny person trapped in a fat persons body.


The worst part for me was that feeling of helplessness. You look for answers as to how to lose weight and you get a hundred answers, all completely different. For me I found the answer in reflecting on how I got to that point. What did skinny Brad do that was different.


I made time, then I lost weight, then I didn't feel shit anymore. Now as a pt my aim is to get people moving more. To help them Enjoy exercise and take the complicated bullshit out of it. To show them the benefits of being active and to provide a fun, relaxed and supportive environment in which to do that


I have trained thousands of people now, ran hundreds of Bootcamps, had a hand in a tonne of amazing before and afters and enjoy providing an amazing fitness community for people to not just lose weight but keep it off.


If you take one thing away from this, let it be that you are capable, you can be happy and there is a way, just go outside and do something.



Renee Williams
Admin and Owner



I am Brads wife, Mum of 4 and co-owner of Carpe Diem Personal Training. I look after all the 'paperwork' and bookings side of things.


You will probably see me at the studio helping out on occasions as I pop in between the kids random after school activities.


If you have any questions regarding what we do, payments, booking etc send me an email :)



Minnie Clark
Personal Trainer

Hi Guys, I’m Minnie! I joined CDPT in early 2016 during one of the open weeks. I had a blast and everyone was so welcoming I was hooked straight away and that’s where my weight loss journey began.

I had always been a bit ‘thicker’ during my adolescence and after high school I joined my local gym. I lost 15kg and felt awesome and really found a love for fitness. I’d began making arrangements to start studying to become a personal trainer when life happened. I met my husband, we were expecting our first baby and that became my focus. In a myriad of children, work, biscuits and boredom I had completely lost sight of my once social, confident and vibrant self and as a result the weight had piled on. I was not a happy camper, a good mum or a good wife. This wasn’t living this was just existing.

Something needed to change and I was the only one with the power to make that happen.... “Hello CDPT”!

When I started I remember saying to myself, “All I want is to be able to walk into a normal clothes shop and the clothes fit”.

In the following months I took every opportunity presented to me - boot camps, classes, 12 week challenges, Brad’s mini challenges and PT. It’s just over a year later and I’m 30kgs lighter and have gone from a size 22 to a size 12. More importantly I found me again and have learnt so much about myself and life in the process.

My love of all things fitness was rekindled and with the support of my family I pursued my dream of becoming a personal trainer.

With the knowledge I’ve gained through my studies and my own personal experience I’m ready to help clients achieve their goals and reach their potential. I want to give back the gift that was given to me .... a love of life!


Carpe Diem Personal Training

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