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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. 
If you have anything else you would like to ask please feel free to call Brad on 0437 541 728 or email us via the Contact Us page above

I cant make a session, What do I do?



Contact details for BRAD
0437 541 728




All bookings with trainers and classes are to be made through BRAD on 0437 541 728 or, the reason for this being that the trainers are normally with a client or running a class and are unable to answer phones and emails during this time.


If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please call/text BRAD on 0437 541 728 or email if she is not available, be sure to leave her a message. She will check the availability of your trainer and get back to you with confirmation of the rescheduled date and time. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE TRAINER TO CANCEL WITHOUT LETTING BRAD KNOW ALSO.


It is Carpe Diem Personal Trainings policy that we receive at least 12 hour’s notice to cancel a session e.g. your session is booked at 6pm Friday – Renee must be notified by 6am Friday at the latest– Failure to give us at LEAST 12 hour’s notice to cancel/reschedule a session will result in you being charged for the session. Exceptions will only be made in the case of a medical emergency accompanied by a doctor’s note. If you cancel more than 12 hours prior to a session you WIL NOT be charged.

If you are late for a scheduled session the session time will not run longer and will finish at the scheduled time. E.g. if your session is booked for 6pm-6.30pm and you turn up at 6.10 your session will still finish at 6.30pm.


All sessions are run in wet weather, the only reason sessions will be cancelled is in the event of a fire or if the session location is deemed unsafe.


DIRECT DEBITS – These take 24 hours for any changes to take affect so if changes need to be made to a payment we require a minimum of 24 hours before the next payment date.




Will I be sore after a PT session or Fitness Class

After completing your first few sessions, it is quite common to experience the effects of DOMS or the Delayed Onset of Muscle soreness within the first 2 days after completing the session.


Before you know it you will be asking to be pushed even harder with your increased fitness levels.

Do you offer Nutrition Advice? 

Our trainers are not qualified dieticians however they can give you basic info and we can refer you to a nutritionist if needed.

Do you offer refunds?

We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind about the service you asked for but you can cancel your contract and receive a refund for unconsumed services, if the service has a MAJOR problem.  This is when the service

 - Has a problem that would have stopped someone from purchasing the service if they had known about it

- is substantially unfit for its common purpose,  and can't be easily fixed within a reasonable time

- does not meet the specific purpose you asked for and cannot be easily rectified within a reasonable time

- creates an unsafe situation.

We are very understanding at CDPT and always aim to help out where we can  We are normally happy to hold any amount in credit to be used for another of our services.


​I am not very fit, do I need to be fit to join and attend a session?

No, ​


Carpe Diem Personal Training is about working within your own limits and achieving your personal goals. Our mission is to make sure that all get a great work out appropriate to their individual level of fitness. There are groups within the group with different individual fitness level, so you will always be training alongside people of similar fitness.. Your experienced Personal trainer can adapt exercises according to each individual’s fitness levels.


When are your classes on?

All of our class info can be found on our services page


​Does Carpe Diem Personal Training use Army inspired Boot Camp training techniques?

Absolutely not. We don’t yell, scream, insult you or use aggressive tactics to get you moving. If you’re not ready, or secretly just happy to plod along CDPT will provide a supportive environment that ultimately helps you adopt healthy habits.


​​Do I need to bring anything to PT or Class?

Just bring a water bottle a towel, comfortable clothing and runners/trainers. Carpe Dem Personal Training provides boxing gloves and focus pads , weights, medicine balls, and other bits and pieces that make each class unique and fun. Boxing liner gloves are to be worn for the boxing sessions that  maintain the hygienic use of equipment these can be purchased before class for $5 pair and are yours to keep.

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