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Muscle Camp

Are you keen to get your kids off their phones, Fortnite etc and have them start working on their confidence, health and self esteem in a positive and safe environment?

We are currently running Muscle Camp at Burpengary Secondary College. This is what Erin had to say about our program

 - “Kids are lining up to join after today’s session. Thankyou for bringing this program to school students and important education of safety and respect for their bodies.”

Head of Department Health / HPE / Hospitality and Sport - Burpengary State Secondary College

I am looking to help teenagers (13-19)  like I have helped my own teens and many others  build their self esteem and confidence in the gym through education of proper technique, basic nutrition and structured workouts over a 12 week period.

Each week we will focus on a different lift and delve into the simple science behind why they’re doing it, how it works and how to do it safely. There will also be a big focus on mindset, nutrition thanks to our sponsor Nutrition Warehouse Strathpine and discipline, dispelling any gym myths and half truths they’ve learnt along the way.

If this sounds like a great idea to you but you don’t have a young teens of your own, please share this with anyone who could benefit. Let’s keep these kids safe and give them a long life of healthy living through education!

There are limited spots available in each group which will fill fast. If you’re interested please email me so we can get you signed up asap.


We are also open to coming out to local high schools and sporting groups to run Muscle Camp.

- Brad. W

My sons have been going for over a year now. They started once a week and then incorporated a 2nd session.  They have really committed to these training sessions and rarely miss them.  Brad has been a really good role model for the boys and happy to answer any questions they may have and steer them in the right direction.  They don’t hesitate to ask questions either to make sure they are doing their exercises correctly.  Brad also makes the boys feel very comfortable.  And with old mate Scotty who is a regular and long-time friend to the boys they really are smashing their goals. 


As a mum I’ve noticed they are very committed and motivated in going to muscle camp.  I have definitely noticed the changes in their bodies and their mind set and focus has also improved.  They even made me motivated to join CPT PT and I have been now going nearly a year now and if it wasn’t for my boys motivation and the with me trying to set a good example I would never have thought to go.  We now encourage one another with training at the same time where we can all see we are trying and smashing goals.  My boys really have been my motivation though and I couldn’t do this without them and of course Brad pushing me.  The boys don’t need pushing as they are driven which is great.








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