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For The Men

As a father of five, a small business owner and husband to an amazing wife that scares the shit out of me, I would like to share three observations I have made about life and how to do it well.

1. Make time for yourself. Don't lose yourself in work and family life. Your partner and kids will know that when you feel fulfilled and not just like a cog in the family wheel, you will be a completely different and more fun human to be around. Be wary though, if you don't allow that time for your partner, she will not feel fulfilled and will resent you for the free time you have. It's about finding that healthy balance for the both of you and making the time for it to happen. Two separate people walking down the same path, hand in hand. That's what it's about.

2. After you get home from a long day at work, help out with the kids for a bit. Help out with home work, pop some Washing in the machine. Take some pressure off your partner and she will appreciate you. You've had a long day but so has she. You're not more important just because you work out of the house. I've spent many full days with growing little people and I've spent many many days at work. Both are equally as draining and both need to be respected. It's not about who does more, it's about working together to achieve the goals your family works towards.

3. Play with your kids. The TV will always be there, your kids won't. Take them outside and save them from becoming another child hood obesity statistic. You had them, not the Xbox. Video games aren't their father. Teach your child about the world. Teach them about people, about their feelings and how to treat others. Teach them how to change a bike tyre and how to change the oil in the car. One day they will be gone, don't leave it too late to be the dad you know you're supposed to be.

Life can get very complicated but if you have the balls to do what's right, lead by example, treat others with respect and offer compassion and support when required, you will kick life's ass in an honorable fashion and enjoy all the amazing things that a busy and fulfilling life has to offer.

Brad. W

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